Jessie Newburn

Hey Tom, as an early-wave Xer (born in ’63), a mar-com professional and a social media/community engagement type of gal who has worked with a number of Millennials, I’d say, to start, it’s the Xers who are the social media experts. Millennials use tools to connect with their PEERS because they are a peer-oriented generation with an incredible sense of team and “we.” But “social media whizzes?” Hardly. To be a whiz, one would need to understand long-tail markets, be an excellent communicator and always be looking for the right angle to get in to the cracks and crevices: that’s GenX, hands down. It doesn’t mean some Millennials can’t be/won’t be/aren’t already whizzes, but when it comes to which gen has the natural knack for marketing with a personal sense of style, that’s GenXers.

But, since you’ve brought up the topic, I’d like to offer you something. I’m currently working with Neil Howe, who crafted with his co-author William Strauss, the term “Millennials” back in the day when the gen was but a bunch of kids, at the high end, in their early teen years. He’s recently written a book called, Millennials in the Workforce. (So recent, actually that the press release hasn’t gone out over the wire yet.) If you’re interested in writing a review of the book (no requirement that it be glowing), I can hook you up with a copy. It sells for $55 and it’s not just another I-wanna-be-a-guru-too book. It’s a fer realz look at the newest generation to rise into young adulthood, how that impacts the workforce, companies and our culture. Info about the book here.

If you, or anyone you’d like to recommend as a book reviewer, would like to take things to the next step, fill this form out. The only catch — and it ain’t no big deal in 2010 — is you have to publish your own review. In other words, don’t write it and send it to to the author. Write it and share it with your own network.

Great comments, btw. Nice to see a good conversation going on about this topic.

~ @JessieX