Faye Newsham

I agree with Henry that it can be valuable to understand the steryotypes but also to NOT fall victim to them. Diane and Steve both make valid points (as does everyone else who has commented so far) about the expectation put on others to conform to the stereotypes. I was born the first year of the Gen X… so my parents should be quite solidly in the “non technical” baby boom and older group and yet Mom is a librarian and works with computers constantly and Dad is a computer guy from way, way back. None of us fit our stereotypes. Sure, I’m 43, 2 kids, PTA vice president this year, and gray-haired…I’m also an online gamer, tattooed, Gov contractor, website guru on the social media forefront. I’ve been working with people 10 to 20 years younger than myself since I left a place where I was the youngest by 15 years when I was in my 20s. In my first tech job, the best programmer we had was in his 80s… a real pioneer in the field who still loved to code. He had a personal website before anyone else I know. The old addage about books and covers will always apply — especially when talking about people. We’re always going to be individuals first!