Craig Morony

Actually your thread title got me thinking of another great, highly entertaining and much loved presenter: Julius Sumner Miller. Held in such affection he remains widely recognised more than 20 years after his death. Sumner Miller’s was reknowned for his catchphrases “Why is it so?” and “Are you not impressed?”.

One of his (many) strengths as a presenter was that *he* was visibly entertained — enthralled even — by his subject matter. Not to the point of monotonous detail, but rather in the manner of being utterly fascinated and intrigued. That was a standpoint that his audience could share and which likely had him construct his presentations from the audience’s perspective. Surely all good presenters ask “What is really interesting, new, unusual (for the audience) in this topic?”

Probably helps get over any presenter nervousness, as well!