My thoughts are being witty, relating to your audience, including your audience in your presentation (have them participate in some way) are all a part of catching the ears of your audience (however I cannot tell you how many times I have basically heard the same information from numerous presenters). I believe it is also important to make sure your audience takes away something new from your presentation to make it worthwhile. I agree you may have to repeat some of the same ‘ol drivel everyone else does, but you should add value to the standard message. After all, isn’t your reputation as a presenter also important? Who wants their presentation to be known as “more of the same” with a few jokes thrown in? You might not be asked to speak again, or at best known as an entertaining speaker with the same information as all the others. Bottom line – you can entertain them while you have a captive audience, but isn’t the goal/outcome to motivate your audience to change their behavior (or make them understand an alternative viewpoint) – so they take something with them?