@Stephen – Being completely open and honest: that’s exactly what I fear happened last week. I went for the entertainment side of things because it was a closing keynote and felt as if people were chock full of content, so wanted to keep it lighter…but may not have shared enough good, usable content in the end….which is my usual modus operandi – probably overwhelming with way too much meat (like a Brazilian steakhouse!). So there’s a balance between those two points.

@Julie – Really happy to hear (and learn) from you! Disclosure: I had been asked to give that speech the previous Tuesday…went on vacation for 4 days, then came back and cobbled it together quickly. So I used my notes far more than I normally do…and leaned on humor to get me through the bulk. But let’s take a typical 60 min talk and break it down. For me, what makes a great presentation:

Opening with Humor/Video/Story: 5 mins
Outline of Way Forward: 5 mins or less
3-5 Solid Points that combine Data and Story: 30-40 minutes
3-5 Concrete Take-Aways: 5-10 mins
Strong Close with Image/Humor/Story/Video: 5 mins or less
Q & A: 5-10 mins

What would you add/change?