Stephen Peteritas

First off Andy, this title just makes me want to make off-the-wall comments. I mean I truly think that you have to be entertaining to be a successful presenter. But with that said entertainment comes in so many forms and I think that people often use cheap laughs as a form of entertainment because it’s quiet simply the easiest to accomplish.

It’s much hard to make people care than it is to laugh. Just look at television shows on the air as evidence. Comedies are a dime a dozen but if you make a show that people really care about then you win the ratings. For example American Idol (I know eye roll) gets a significant amount of people to care about their contestants and actually waste time to call in and vote after the show and no surprise that they rule the ratings.

A successful presentation is all about getting people to care what you have to say but that’s very VERY hard to do. Often times when I see speaker doing it I walk away loosing respect because they are being over dramatic.

So basically after that rambling I’m back at square one and would like to hear other comments to see where others stand.