Daron Jordan


Thank you for the constructive feedback. I appreciate your thoughts and you taking time to provide a response on this matter.

I guess my dilemma stems from the fact that I, as an employer, in the past have always taken the time out of my busy schedule to at least acknowledge such an inquiry as the one I am making to the interview panel. Sometimes it was nothing more than an acknowledgement of the time and effort that the interviewee put into the job search and to thank them for considering a position within our organization. In the rare occasion that I interviewed a candidate that wouldn’t be a fit for the organization, I thought it at least be courteous to politely encourage them in their job search and wish them the best in looking for employment elsewhere.

Those responses generally took me less than 10 minutes each to draft or about 30 minutes if I interviewed five people (not every interviewee would ask for feedback) and so I have been left baffled that I have not gotten more than an automated rejection letter.

Again, this may be par for the course at the federal level; however, not knowing if this was indeed true is why I asked for feedback on this forum.

Your response, and the responses by others, is indicative of the great resource this forum offers those of us with a passion for public service.

Thank you again for the response!