Srinidhi Boray

I dont know why these people always quote “Animoto”, and such simplistic example.

Turbo Tax said they have been doing this for years, and they and others have taken out tax filing and computations burden out of the IRS.


“””Cloud Computing Helps TurboTax To Deliver On Tax Day
Tom Lounibos on 29 Jul 2009 08:21 am
Amazon EC2 and SOASTA Enable Scalability Testing at Levels Previously Unattainable

A record 18.76 million taxpayers used either the desktop or online version of TurboTax this year, up 11 percent from 2008, with two-thirds of those customers filing online. As the IRS continues its efforts to increase the percentage of returns filed electronically, Intuit took proactive measures to uncover potential reliability and performance problems well before April 15.”””