Henry Brown

If you cut salaries it is a given that services will be cut. And Suspect that this is probably fairly true THROUGHOUT the entire chain WITH EXCEPTIONS.

Cut the salary of the “front line” worker and the attitude will rather rapidly become why should I do this today when tomorrow will be just fine. Cut the salary of the first line supervisor and is he/she going to give the same effort to ensure that the service is provided in a timely effort? Cut the salary of the manager and see how much effort is made to insure maximum Return On Investment vs. how much effort is made to find another job.

I have 2 friends who have “enjoyed” mandatory furloughs, each of them have told me that though they won’t quit, especially in this economy, they have certainly lost a significant amount of their motivation to go the extra mile for their governmental entity.

Cutting services first has much more direct impact on the stakeholders, IF allowed to continue in spite of the political pressure, will lead to a reduced salary expense for the government.