Stephen Peteritas

Hmmm I really struggle with this question. On one hand I’m a massive believer that power should be in the hands of people who don’t want it. Translation: If you run for office you want power and probably have so type of selfish motive. I know that view is very pessimistic but it’s normally how I feel. So in that scene I would much rather hand over decision making to people who are in the trenches and really have dedicated themselves to serve. But at the same time while elected doesn’t mean too much I think that having a say on who makes the decisions collectively as a group is very important.

So basically I think civil servants have the capacity to make better decisions but I also want the ability to at some point yank them from their decision making role if I disapprove of their decision. So I guess lets just get back to the 1800s where you were a civil servant before you ran for office, (not that that doesn’t happen today but it seems like there’s a lot of lifetime politicians rather than lifetime civil servants).