Martin Gruss

Her remarks were just basically stupid. She is 89 and way past retirement age. She is someone who feels her value as a person is because of her job, so she couldn’t bare to let go.
Sometimes these types of people need to be forced out, and so she has.
As for her remarks;
Over 60% of the Israeli’s who were in Israel when the country was founded already lived there or were from the surrounding Arab states. It’s a myth to think Israel was totally or even mostly founded by Europeans. Although there were some from Europe, most living there were of middle eastern descent.
Infact, more Jews were displaced from Arab countries at the start of the Arab-Israeli war then Arabs were displaced from Israel. The difference is, the Israeli’s settled the Jews. The Arabs have kept the displaced Arabs as refugee’s and poltical pawns.
The country of Jordan (also created by the British when they withdrew) is 80% Palistinian origin.
Rather then send millions of Jews back to their ancestoral homelands in Arab countries, maybe its time the Arab countries take some responsiblity for their Arab brothers and settle them and end the conflict once and forever.