Mark Hammer

We’re strongly discouraged from wasting bandwidth on youtube or other streamed media here at work, so I only snuck in a snippet of 1-2 minutes where she was asked the question and responded. There may be a broader conversation to compel the view, which I did not see, but as someone with family that live in Israel and fought in the 6-day and Yom Kippur Wars, and as someone with children named after relatives who perished in the camps, I honestly didn’t hear anything in what she said that I would unambiguously call “Jew-hating”.

Will it give me pause for thought the next time she has anything to write? Sure. Do the specific phrases she used make one immediately think of “Send them back to…” proclamations directed at African Americans or immigrant groups? Absolutely. But when I look more closely, is she in the same league with Holocaust deniers and similar ilk? Not by a long shot. If she was, she would not have included the United States in her listing of places where Jews could go to, other than Israel/Palestine. Usually, when people wish to express antipathy towards any ethnic group, they do not extend an invitation for them to live in the same place as they do themselves.

Ms. Thomas has a LOT of explaining to do, but doesn’t deserve censure.