Henry Brown

Generalities will get you in trouble the overwhelming majority of the time….

I know extremely well qualified Mission support people in both the private sector and the federal public sector, as I know some less than stellar folks in both sectors.

Keeping in mind the first paragraph, less qualified people are more tolerated in the public sector probably because it is more difficult to “release them” which is probably one of the reasons that there is more “churn”/turnover in the private sector

a case could be made that at least 3 high profile IT project failures, FBI system upgrade, OPM retirement management, and FAA upgrade were in fact failure of private sector mission support.

Been several months now since I looked at OMB’s watch list of “at risk” projects but as I recall a significant percentage of them were identified as being “managed” by private sector mission support with varying degrees of oversight by government managers.

The federal government, during a somewhat famous republican’s administration, was apparently, the first to take the approach that the private sector could do most everything better than government, and if we outsourced the mission support function we would not have to directly pay for high quality IT and Acquisition services.

Over the past 30 years the government has made significant effort to NOT pay directly for mission support and in that environment you tend to get what you pay for.