Henry Brown

more than passing relevance is my favorite quote is “You manage things, you lead people.” from Admiral Hopper. and when you combine the fact, that as you and others have said, the training for leaders is minimal even to the point that the old saying “leaders are born not made” has more than a passing influence in some organization. …

Probably, the best supervisor I ever had fully understood that everyone was not the same and that it took special skills to recognize what motivated each staff member and to apply the motivation to that individual. In some cases that means providing detailed guidance/directions in other cases that means simply providing the goal(s) and letting the employee go for it.

In the case of supervisors being directed to lead their previous co-workers a case could be made that a significant percentage of new leaders initially “ASS U ME” that detailed guidance is NOT a requirement regardless of where the individual team members are on the Maslow’s Triangle. And it is only through training and or experience that the supervisor learns to lead effectively.

One of the ways that the US Navy use to deal with this issue was shortly after promotion to a new leadership position every effort was made to insure that the new leader was NOT in charge of previous co-workers. and in many cases leadership training was part of the transfer process.