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Henry Brown

I have used the website https://contact.tsa.dhs.gov/gotfeedback/GotFeedback.aspx

” Thanks for visiting Got Feedback! We are excited about this program and want to hear your comments, both good and bad. With your help, we will work to improve the traveling experience of passengers nationwide.

After leaving your feedback, it will be emailed directly to the person in charge of TSA customer service at the airport for which you are commenting. If you ask for a response, you will receive one. If no response is requested, we will use this information to determine trends and make necessary adjustments.

If your feedback is of a general nature and is not airport specific, feel free to leave your response on our Evolution of Security Blog instead of using this form. “

for providing Kudo’s for TSA staff for dealing with my significant other while she was trying to fly “home” to be with her mother prior to her death, and the flight schedule left absolutely no room for any delays between connecting airports and she was escorted to the “head of the line” and in one case the TSA staff actually was able to get the plane departure delayed for a few minutes while they provided cart transport to the boarding area.