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Because this struck a nerve with me I share with all…

From the Las Vegas Sun:

Father’s Day gift like no other
Daughter’s eulogy for her grandmother makes this Dad proud

By Brian Greenspun (contact)

Sunday, June 20, 2010 | 2 a.m.

Message to family — no Father’s Day gift for me this year. I have picked out my own.

I am a most fortunate father. I have a daughter who loves me, grandchildren who adore me and a wife who still tolerates me. I want for nothing and I need very little. But a Father’s Day gift still makes the old man happy, if only that it shows someone is paying attention. And, if it is one thing all fathers have in common, it is the secret need for attention.

This year, I got my gift a little early. It was purely unintentional, and it was given without the slightest thought by the donor that it would be one of the most precious gifts she could ever give me.

Fathers like to think that we have done something right in passing on to our children important life lessons we learned from our parents. That’s the way generations improve upon one another and the way we progress as a society. It is also a religious command that we pass our knowledge down to and through our children.

Generally, though, the life cycle gets in the way of our sticking around long enough to know if the lessons took and the message was passed on properly.

Well, I got my gift early in the form of a eulogy that my daughter, Amy, gave at the funeral service for her grandmother, Barbara Greenspun, two weeks ago. It is the kind of message that each of us older folks would love to know that the younger generations have learned and understood. It is in that belief — that each of us will get something from her words — that I reprint them in this space.