Sara Estes Cohen


I have a masters in public policy – prior to going to grad school I was a publicist. Public policy was the closest thing to my undergrad degree. I now work in web 2.0/emergency management – working with first responders/practitioners to leverage new and emerging technology (like social media) for emergency response, preparedness, etc. I have been working as a consultant for the past two years, but have also worked for a university and for a city (both in emergency management).

I’d recommend first looking at usajobs.gov – and searching by specific city/state (if you want to stay in Milwaukee). If you are interested in working for state/local government, I’d recommend searching out the city website (in New Orleans, all city jobs are listed on the city’s website, not sure if that’s true for everywhere.)

I’d also recommend reaching out directly to those individuals you can find who currently work in areas/offices you might be interested in. Perhaps you could collaborate with them now on projects and parlay that into a future position when you are done with your Ph.D – Finally, look for any groups/associations within your area that are related to your areas of interest. I have found that networking takes you VERY far.

Hope this helps =)