Henry Brown

No more or No less than the government has many times in the past attempted “control”/manage various communication media (FCC) . not to mention other factors of our lives, FDA, FEMA, SEC, MMS, DOT, Dept of Labor, Dept of Education, and I could probably go on for another paragraph or so.

MOST of S.3480 involves a whole lot more than controlling the internet… After spending some significant amount of time reading this 186 page bill can see where those who think any government regulation is bad might have some problem with a few pages of the bill.

IMO the issue that gives a significant amount of heart burn to some is the section that says in the case of a national emergency the cyber-security officer will have the authority to insure that the internet is NOT contributing to the problem and if a section of it is, will have the authority to mandate that it be corrected…
Would offer that this is NOT much different than TSA has the ability to shut down an airport if the risk of a terrorist event is high enough to potentially cause harm…

Another slightly different spin on the entire bill is the commentary from Government Computer News