Kathy Foster-Sandru

Hello, I am new to Gov Loop, and have been browsing around the site to both network with and possibly get information on the hiring process. I have posted my resume and also applied for positions on USAJOBS.gov. What puzzles me the most is the notification process. I have applied for positions as far back as 2008. and have yet to even receive updates on my candidacy much less the usual “thanks but no thanks” notification. I have been unemployed for over 2 years, and instead of sitting around collecting unemployment, I completed some college courses, as well as self-taught myself on upgrades to Microsoft Office Suite 2007 among other software applications. I would like to become employed with the public sector after being employed for over fifteen years within the private sector. Is there anything I am doing wrong? I am answering the KSA’s & other questions honestly & to the best of my ability. I have networked with social sites such as Linked-In, with little success.

I have also noticed there are some vendors offering individuals such as myself services on how to apply & receive a federal job – for a fee. Does this really help or is it true that it’s “who you know” in order to obtain an agency position.

Any assistance or suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you so much, Kathy