Geanie Litzman

I have a problem with the perceived notion of freeloaders, sometimes you think you know what is going on with a co-worker and what they are and aren’t doing/completing. For example, I take longer to complete something things in my job than others in my office, that was because I was relatively new at the time 3-4 years as opposed to 8-9. One of my co-workers said that I was abusing telework and not doing any work. However, I was just taking longer to do it. I then followed this particular employee on several inspections, we have requirements for what needs to be done on an inspection and I could tell from the problems discovered at the inspection that she had not been doing what was required. She said I was a freeloader because I took more time to do something but she wasn’t actually doing what was required of her. So who is the real freeloader? I have since spoken with several people who have been in the field with her and said that she does not do everything that she is required to do. My other point is that you need to be cautious of calling someone a freeloader because you may not know what is going on with that employee.