Nichole Henley

@ Dannielle- I agree with Kate’s response. Those technical things are the difference between someone receiving leave for an emergency (i.e. continuing to get a paycheck during their personal emergency), someone begin paid on time, someone filling a vacancy in time, etc. Everything is last minute and everything is an emergency. I would love to be involved more whole heartedly in employee development and training (my background actually) but I’m sucked into the staffing and employee relations/discipline areas 150% of my time. And while I go through each step I constantly bash my head in the wall saying IF ONLY I CAN TRAIN ALL MY EMPLOYEES AT ONCE ON THE BASICS THEN MAYBE I CAN SAVE MYSELF SOME HEART ACHE!! But who has the time? Shoot, I already take work home and work late hours but it doesn’t make a dent in the work. I believe my supervisors are sympathetic to my time but an ER is an ER. No way to go around it.
But sometimes I think supervisors don’t try to help themselves either. They see a bumpy road and try to pass on the buck. Supervisors have more power and support than they realize. You can ask a question. You can have a conversation. Be mindful of what you say but our world is so vast that you can find talking points and case law and resources online in a simple search!
Joan– I will email you those points today 🙂