Richard E Mallory

OK – having done many audits, let me add that we can get a platform for key findings by doing an exit briefing attended by all managers. That also smokes out the “how could be implement this?” discussions that “test” the validity of recommendations. We can develop a tracking matrix so that you, the client, can keep a focus on what is done afterwards.

After all is said and done it must be remembered that improvement of all sorts is always possible, but requires an investment of your time. We know that current operations will use at least 85-95% of ALL your time, and improvements will be able to access only 5-15% of time at most. So working together to develop a budget of what is possible, and what is top priority, is a key to effective improvement.

Good discussion. And yeah, we auditors can be really dull if you let us. Remember too that dull-ness can be a deliberate strategy that lets us escape and get final payment without getting dragged into too many unpaid hours explaining the difficult stuff! Make sure to get your money’s worth.