Sylvonia Poole

It was great meeting you at the 1st ever DC GovUps last night at 18th Street lounge. The event was great. I also met Andrew Karzmarzick and I will be volunteering as an email greeter for Govloop.

I am a GS-11 Financial Analyst/Budget Analyst within DoD. I am looking for a GS-12 Budget Analyst position. I have an active Top Secret Clearance with a Counter Intelligence Polygraph. I have received several government awards to include the Financial Management Trainee of the Year for Echelon II and above, Government Performance Awards, Government 2-day Time off Award, Government Incentive Award, Cash Bonuses, and Positive Performance Appraisals throughout my government career. I was also chosen to be the Intelligence Oversight Officer Alternate for the East for our Financial Management Directorate. I am also a Module 1 Certified Defense Financial Manager. My email address is [email protected]. Please let me know if I need to provide anything else. Thanks for posting this! I am so excited about this opportunity! I hope to hear from your friend soon. I am very interested!