David Paschane

Yes, we are doing this now!

One of the most successful IT development programs the VA has had in a long time is the current GI Bill (education benefits, called Chapter 33) that has been lead by SPAWAR (Navy system integrators). I investigated this successful work (and ones that that don’t work) and found that a key to the SPAWAR project is the disciplining framework defined by a small company called SPARC LLC, service-disabled veteran owned too! It turns out that they are combining the “agile development” model with the PASS framework for organizational recursive analysis (one I wrote, which was cool to find out). So, as far as I can tell, DoD is following this model and it is benefiting the VA. Since we have 15 more intiatives set by our Secretary, I assume this same team will take a lead in brining the successful discipline to other projects too.

If you want to read more about the PASS framework, you can find copies at http://slidesha.re/9718hp

In my opinion, and from my study of projects’ root causes of success and failure, I would say it is the lack of a disiciplining framework in the acquistion package – to ensure compliance to rigorous methodologies! If the contract doesn’t specific the rigor of methods, then you get the chaos you paid for.