One could also argue – If you are in a profession requiring licensing, certifications, etc. – why should the employer pay for these fees for employees to keep current when they come due? If you want to work in that profession, shouldn’t you be responsible for keeping your credentials current? This includes costs associated with them. If not, when it lapses, then you are no longer qualified for the position. I’ve seen numerous employers (gov’t included) that will go ahead and pay these fees for their employees. Then, there’s plenty of those occasions where employees leave for another job opportunity – now the employer has just taken on the cost and gotten no benefit! Much like Jenyfer’s comment about it should be the resonsiblity of the person who has the option to take the calls and bear the burden of the cost – couldn’t you say that the person wanting to keep their job has the burden of the cost associated with staying up-to-date if they want to continue to be gainfully employeed in their job/profession?