On the surface it does seem like a waste of money, however it’s worth considering:

1. If the course isn’t based so much as to having fashion sense, but more about matching and pairing articles of clothing for a professional appearance (I think everyone can safely handle a shirt and jeans, but that sleeveless tee worn to work is probably unappropriate – depending on your field of cours!
2. There are individuals (especailly men) who are color blind. I was once talking with a co-worker whose spouse is, and she described how he has adjusted things to dress appropriately (labeling clothes tags, etc.) for his banking job – before he had her assistance
3. I once talked with a gentleman (CPA) who told me that he knows nothing about clothing (he was in his early 40’s), as that he was unmarried, he relied on visiting his sister annually to go shopping because he did not know how to dress.
4. Better to help people transition more smoothly and land their next job quickly, vs. draining their state’s unemployment insurance because they wore brown socks with their black pants and pink shirt to each interview right? Part of interviewing is one’s appearance. Probably costs less to pay for the training/course I would think….