Ed Powell

County’s Dress Code Bans Tattoos and Jeans

The Board of Supervisors in San Bernardino County, California, has voted 4-0 to approve an employee dress code that bars denim, visible tattoos, and any piercing in the nose, lip, or tongue that contains jewelry, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The policy also prohibits excessively tight fitting or baggy clothes, shorts, overalls, and t-shirts and jerseys with graphics (including the logos of sports teams). The policy requires employees to cover up tattoos.
The policy applies to the county’s 17,000 employees, the newspaper notes. The policy allows department heads to make exceptions and allow employees to wear denim, overalls, and shorts.

“What I most dislike about the dress code is that it’s being imposed by a group of people that are parochial in their views on fashion; they’re very conventional in style and want to impose that on everybody,” Stephen Rusher, a union representative, tells the newspaper.

The newspaper notes the while employees who violate the policy can be sent home without pay, they will be given a chance to appeal.