Sylvonia Poole

I sent my resume to the email address above. I hope it is not to late to be considered for a positon. I saw that this was posted on Sept. 2. I was interested in the following:

HR Assistants and Specialists
Classification Specialists
Retirement and Benefits Counselors
EEO Investigators
Labor and Employee Relatons Experts

I have worked as a Senior Staffing Specialist and worked in HR on a rotation. I am a fast learner who works well with others. Below is a portion of the work that I did as a Senior Staffing Coordinator.


Senior Staffing Coordinator (laid off)
VSE Corporation, Alexandria, VA, June 2008-October 15, 2008
• Maintained thorough reference Excel file to justify every administrative action and tracks financial/budgetary implications for hiring, terminating and promoting VSE employees for all sites
• Prepared and processed all hiring authorizations, invoices, initiates car rental requests, annual reviews, 90 day reviews and termination documentation for 555+ employees.