Warren Master

For me, the best “best practices” are those arrived at inductively (i.e., plucked out of actual use by real managers in real organizations) as opposed to some deductively arrived at, theoretical scheme that no manager has ever tried and “demonstrated” succes with. By analogy, consider the Friday night TV sports cast, in which the sportscaster plays back the best plays (catches, hits, passes, receptions, shots, etc.) of the week. Or similar after-the-fact coverage & analysis of a weekend golf tournament, where now retired master golfers examine the best “reads” and swings in “slo-mo” to explicate the seeming magic and brilliance in the play of those at the top of the leaderboard.
This is what we need more of in our line of work – offering concrete takeaways that creative public servants (executives, managers, front-line workers, interns, etc.) can tailor to their own agency’s missions and organizational challenges. It’s what we are constantly on the lookout for in soliciting articles for The Public Manager (http://www.thepublicmanager.org) and contributing to and benefitting from GovLoop blogs. – Warren Master, President & Editor-in-Chief, The Public Manager