Kitty Wooley

Steve, just realized I’m thinking of this more in terms of sharing lessons learned than best practices, because the real point, to me, is shared learning. There’s a ton of “shelfware” out there that purports to be about best practice and is utterly useless. However, on GovLoop people share all sorts of things they’re learning and that adds a lot of timely value. I think of this in loose terms that allow room for lots of creativity, as “other people talking about things they’ve done, or are doing, that really work, that may be replicable.” The point is to share experience while it’s still fresh and the person’s still thinking about it. The subject could be almost anything, as could the format – I don’t care. Could be a combination of story (what’s happened so far) and tutorial (how others can do it). An example that comes to mind is Andy Krzmarzick’s earlier sharing of his Web 2.0 training work with agencies as he was doing it.