I think there are work style variances within an organization, and the generations play into defining that to a point, but not exclusively. There can be departmental work culture differences that have nothing to do with age.

I had to work on a cross-functional, multi-department project before where it was a nightmare of unresolved work-style clashes. Collaborative, creative thinkers vs. black & white order takers/process followers. Dreamers vs. the ones who could not think in the abstract. Strict hierarchical workers vs. people from the flat-org world. Trying to have requirements discussions almost needed Cofi Annan to referee because the gulf between groups was so big. Of course, there was a pressing deadline so we did not get to truly form as a team first and develop any common ground, much less vocabulary, processes, or understanding. Project was delivered, but absolutely nobody on the team wanted to keep working together and animosities continue today because the people aspect was not managed. Every little bridge attempted was quickly disassembled in one way or another. What an ordeal nobody wants to repeat!