Henry Brown

Believe MOST of the blog/commentary could be rather well summed up by this paragraph…

They either don’t care about or won’t obey corporate IT policies: Yet, every single business lives truly by their own corporate values and culture, as well as business conduct guidelines that year after year we still need to comply with. It’s part of the business. It’s probably part of work, too! Still, there is a huge difference from imposing corporate IT policies on your employees than to helping people understand the risks behind ignoring or bypassing them by encouraging them to shape them according to their needs and wants, as well as those of the business itself. To, eventually, co-creatively and collaboratively improve them in a rather open and transparent manner, so that they, too, feel part of that co-creation process of defining the company’s (IT) policies for themselves.

IMO the answer to this generation issue is rather simple communication & collaboration