jill herndon

Well… I had to look this one in the eye directly when cancer loomed. It took less than 24 hours to get together the Powers of Attorney, Trust, Will and a hug and good luck from my lawyer. Too many long faces so I went off to Myrtle Beach where I found opportunities to flirt, and get a massage and beach time. No point in self-pity. I didn’t tell very many people — and was hammered after surgery by my godchildren for not telling them but there was a wedding to do and no point in bringing it up.

The cancer did not survive me.

But every day this same question is here — am I doing what I want to do if I have only a limited time left — and the answers really surprise me! It is not “I will go on exotic trips” and it is working in the public school system with special programs for special needs children as an on call substitute. I do this, fill myself with miracles and laughter, then head anywhere out of town to just sit and absorb the beauty of nature. There is love everywhere.

And where there is not love, I have stepped aside. I have no time for petty or mean and judgmental people, criticism etc…

I no longer do TV.

I research and then gamble on my investments and win — this has given me the edge to move and cut and run on my gut. Up on the year.

Quality choices and quality time and quality results.