Emi Whittle

Ah to be young! I remember saying the same thing – that I hoped to have that balance of everything in my life! But, “life” took over – marriage, kids, divorce, work work work, school, activities, saving for retirement, saving for college, household stuff, vehicle stuff, medical stuff…. life IS really short and rushed!!! But, these are the trade-offs I have made for the things that I value – raising child well, doing good work, being a good mate, giving my family all the love and good I can, giving them a nice home… doing some good outside the home for the “community”…. and that plus grocery shopping is all there is time for…. !! Balance is nearly impossible! But it is OK for now – and I wouldn’t change a thing! Always good to try for the best balance possible for each of us though, I do agree! I hope you have a LOOOONG time to see all the things you want to in ife!