Emi Whittle

So sorry to hear - I'll probably be in that boat someday too.... There is an article, I think Yahoo news, about best virtual jobs - google it and several things will probably come up. I recall that Aetna was one of the companies. Google, itself, has some online jobs. And of course, don't forget usajobs - post some resumes there. And, sad to say, now is probably the best time to be unemployed due to the extension of unemployment benefits - you earned them and I believe it is A-OK to use them!!! Find your branch and you can apply on your last day of work. Also, there are several job-listing twitter feeds I'm sure you are already aware of... couldn't hurt to keep an eye on those/post something there. Best wishes to you - I know this can be so darn stressful. You have many great skills - good luck to you!