Denise Petet

Or don’t leave important passwords in your e-mail for reference.

I know I leave the mail for my Walgreens account in my inbox with the ‘your current password is….’ because their site is HORRIBLE to log into. I swear I have to reset the password every single time I use it. That said, someone wants to download photos of my neice, go for it. I use it for photos only, not the pharmacy.

but I’m sure there are other mails in there that have important passwords in them, so maybe it’s time to clean those out and, while I change the password, make it so that if bad guys do get in there, they essentially get nothing.

years ago, back in the geocities day, I had an issue with yahoo claiming that my e-mail had been used for spam or something. I obviously hadn’t, but try dealing with yahoo. Eventually, what got me my account back was me sending them a few links to web sites telling people how to easily hack into yahoo accounts….i had mine back within 24 hours.

they, and hotmail and gmail etc, COULD monitor things if they wanted to. I know massive numbers often make monitoring impossible to do however, but I also don’t think they really care. A lot of spammers use these free e-mail accounts as disposible ways to send their junk, accounts are created, used and abandoned, probably thousands a day.

And while spamming might technically be against the law, it’s rare that anyone is ever arrested and held accountable for it.

The most that can usually be done is blocking a domain, but since proxy servers and free wifi abounds, they just move from place to place to get around it.