Dan McCosh

In Canada, Alberta to be specific, I think consultation with all stakeholders has improved markedly over my careet. I have seen much consultation with, and money going to, municipalities and the terms of federal funding and policy interference is negotiated, not predetermined We have national level deputy minister and minsiter’s conferences on a variety of issues.

On results, I think we have moved miles in terms of better understanding and communicating our intents for initiatives with business planning and cases that are common place . We still have work to do on measuring performance and being willing to admit that we did not make the bar.

Where we have not dealt with the problems you outline, it is because us bureaucrats have tried to second guess, or worse to direct, the political decision makers instead of giving them the best information and alternatives that we can and letting them make the decision. Most politicians I have met want to do the right thing. When they don’t have good comprehensive information and choices, it is hard for them to sort through the special interests and the ideology.