Jenyfer Johnson

#7 is a slippery slope and I can see both sides.

I worked for many years as a single mother with a young son, who was in a YMCA daycare (excellent BTW) and worked 40+ a week as a Program Manager. It was tough and there was no body offering to accomodate me because that wasn’t the “flavor” back then. When I had to respond to a spill after-hours, I put my son in the car, parked outside the “hot zone”, gave him something to do, cracked the window and told him “Mommy has to work; I’ll be back to check on you.” It’s the way things were. So I understand what Henry is saying about just sucking it up and doing the job. It’s not an entitlement. Sometimes the job has to come first and you just have to do what you have to do. My son is now 21, a fully functioning adult and no worse for wear. We laugh over the times I had to take him to some of the things because the spill team would visit with him when they were done. He was like their mascot.

But alot of these younger employees want to spend more time with their kids and that’s where telework is a great option. Do I think it’s an entitlement? Not really…I think of it as an option that may be available on some jobs, for some people.