Gadi Ben-Yehuda

What makes this post difficult to analyze is that it conjoins mundane advice, applicable to any professional setting (e.g #5) with counterfactual advice (e.g. #4, which may be the “kiss of death” at a design firm), with perhaps-true, but unnecessarily blustery advice (e.g. #7, which is more true in certain offices). So the author seems both clueless and obvious.

Add to that the strangeness of paying $25,000 to the person who would say this so he could tell you more things in this vein (or dropping 100K on car, which I seriously doubt anyone on GovLoop is going to do for quite some time)?

I also want to point out what should be clear: if you launch an attack on work-life balance, you alienate parents (full disclosure: like myself) who either want to spend time with their children or simply can’t afford 24-hour day care. Another way I have come to think about this issue: my children represent this guy’s Social Security payments. It’s in everyone’s best interest to give them the highest probability of good-paying jobs, no?