Jay A. Allen

Thoughts I have on this, which are not always carried out in action (basic human failure).

1. Concur. And when experience wanes, go looking.
2. Concur, to a point. If you have values, and they begin to be devalued, evaluate, reflect, and be courageous. Know your options and act with dignity.
3, 4, 8. Concur. If you’re not going forward, you are going backward.
5, 6, 9. Duh. (Can’t say I’ve been successful at 6, though).
7. Concur, however. Yes, we live in the “days of entitlement” (not necessarily “enlightenment”) and the “new worker” (I would include myself in that category, however) is expecting workplace “flexibilities” to be present. The greening of government included, with the passage in both sides of Congress new rulings on telework, the new “work-life” balance is not doing less than 40 hours, it’s simply doing it where and when I want to which still meets (or exceeds) the performance objectives of the task being accomplished. If I choose to work on a weekend, why should that not be accommodated? Why require me to expand my carbon footprint by driving to my Metro-inaccessible workplace? Work-Life balance has taken on a new flavor, particularly in the Metro DC area with the congestion. I’ll still perform way more than an average of 40 hours, but it may be in a t-shirt and sweats.
10. Concur, but this is a very complex cultural issue. There are certainly times when “challenging the norm” is appropriate, however (as you point out) call it “continuous improvement towards Six Sigma.” That way, the nods may be more North-South, then East-West.

Thanks for the conversation starter.