Ed Powell


HECK, GET RID OF MERIT!! Why should people have to show that they are eligible, qualified and worthy just to get a federal job?

It’s the same with government procurement. Why should I have to show that I can actually do the work before I get a government contract? Why do I have to actually acknowledge and address the government’s specifications? Why don’t federal buyers just go to my website, read my advertising and then fax me a check?


Like federal purchasing, federal hiring needs to be accomplished in an objective, open, transparent and “merit-” based process that provides equal and fair consideration to everyone that applies. I use “merit” in quotes because of the numerous and growing exceptions to “merit hiring” that add layers of complexity (former feds returning from military duty, CTAP, ICTAP, Reemployment Priority, Stopper Lists, expiring overseas asignments, veteran’s preference, spouse preference, survivor preference, federal career intern program, etc.) that take time and effort to adjudicate.

The federal “merit system” and hiring process are in SHAMBLES! The problem is not the vehicle… applications, USAJOBS, programs… it is the PROCESS that is established in in the hundreads of laws passed over 60 years that were often in direct conflict and the hundreds of rules and regulations that attempt to reconcile those conflicts.

Current attempts to speed this faulty process are threatening the shreds of “merit” that remain.