Steve Ressler

Keynote speaker – John Christensen, Playground Director, Charthouse Learning

Exploring the Fish Philosophy, Fish – Sold millions of copies around world

Foundations of successful relationships & work culture

Make Their Day
Be There
Choose Your Attitude

How do we connect with things
-Bright colors, means lets be different, be crazy

What’s your intention for this conference & for your learning? For your peers learning?

1st Job – Clothing Store
-I learned how to NOT be a manager
-High school – over managed

2nd job – Teaching
-Mentor teach – said don’t go into teaching…it’s too hard right now
-Became a camp director –

3rd job – Became a filmmaker w/ his dad
-Discover the future – The Issue of Paradigms – his dad’s filmed
-Became a world-wide bestseller in 90s
-Saw Flashdance – saw how people cherished their job and did it with passion
-Wanted to make film about people doing job w/ passion
-We spend more times at our places to work than with our friends, family, hobbies, outdoors, places of worship, and more.
-Need to bring your whole self to work

Then saw Fish market in Seattle
-Giving high fives, bear hugs, throwing fish, catching one hands
-The place he was searching for where people were connected to what they do
-Real people, not fake
-Find ways to play