Dave Concordia

Thanks for the interest in the application, keep the comments coming.

Here are some responses to what I see here so far.

“see jobs near you” – If you go into refine and then click on location, then hit the map. That will center on where you presently are. If you are asking about an “augmented reality” where the phone does a live search as you drive/walk around… We did look at this, but stopped working on it due to some technical limitations with the underlying service. We decided to let that mature abit and then may revisit.

“track your status” – When you link the app to your USAJOBS account (login to your account on the app), you have the ability to have your status notifications from the website come directly to the app. You’ll get a popup on your device when they arrive, the badge on the app icon will update and when you go into the app, the inbox will have a badge on it too. That is where your status update messages will be. This is still dependent on the staffing specialist updating your application status on their side, and the app that they are using communicating back to USAJOBS.

“Sort on Openings/Background on Employer” – Theses are functions that the website doesn’t do. But, they are good suggestions and we will talk to OPM about them.

“Zoom in on map” – This should work by “pinching out” on the map. Standard functionality for iPhone multi-touch interface.

“Home screen blah” – Will send this to the creative team.

“Crashing” – Yes, that is a bug when in 3G mode, usually when going back to search results. Doesn’t happen in WiFi mode (which is partly why we missed it). We have a fix for that (and a few other things we have seen) and should be submitting to Apple tomorrow. Look to see an update to V2.1 of the app soon.

Thanks again for your comments…