Jenyfer Johnson

@Mark – Change in management is the biggest problem and starts at the top.

Not only do we see it on a managerial level, with every new manager wanting to institute their “best practices” regardless of how an organization currently works…but on a larger level I have seen this happen over and over within the government system.

We had Quality Circles, we had TQM, we had Mission Statements, we did “off-site meetings” to come up with better ways to function (i.e.quality), then we did the Rapid Improvement Events and Fishbone diagrams and all that 6 Sigma stuff…what’s it going to be in then next go round?? People that don’t “jump on the band wagon” get accused of not being team players but there have been programs that have come and gone and more will come and they will go…they will just have a different flavor and name.

Colour me skeptical (I suppose that translates as “not a team player”).