Henry Brown

In the “old days“, when I had significant hiring responsibilities, had several opportunities to hire people who had screwed up in the past one way or another. Probably not fair, but since when is life fair, I usually held them to a higher standard for hiring and the ones that I did hire because of their background I probably kept a somewhat closer chain of control on them. I can truthfully say that everyone of these people whom I hired became successful members of the federal work force.

Because of the work environment I have not had the opportunity to hire anyone who was convicted of a felony and served longer than a year in jail. But some of the people have hired had been convicted of felonies but did not serve any significant time in jail, had spent time committed to a mental institution, have been convicted of numerous misdemeanor crimes, and a couple of them were expelled from colleges for disciplinary reasons.

Not once did I hire any of these people out of the goodness of my heart, nor to prove my worth to society, but only because I felt that the people whom I hired would provide the biggest bang for the buck