Mark Hammer

You might also note that 64% of the sample surveyed indicated not having had any contact “with an employee of a federal government agency as they were doing their job” at any time during the past year.

Clearly, for a large segment of the samle, they were operating off heresay and schemas, rather than empirical evidence. That’s pretty much how these things start.

Some 23 years ago, while doing my doctoral work, I surveyed a large-ish sample of seniors regarding their concerns over their memory, and their stereotypes of aging. For the heck of it, I threw in some questions regarding their contact with individuals whom they knew to have a neurodegenerative disease of some sort. By and large, few people had ever been in close contact with someone who actually was dementing. Small wonder that they made a bigger deal than was necessary out of their own memory slips.

Remarkable how much actually having personal experience with whatever you’re asked to provide opinions of can be.