Henry Brown

Yes (GRIN)

Voting is a right: Millions of people have died in numerous wars to insure that right existed for all Americans and probably a few billion others internationally.

Voting is a privilege: Of course! and one can and should loose that privilege, Different states have different rules for reinstating the privilege of voting for those who have been stripped of that right. And if you don’t exercise your “requirement” to vote MOST states will remove you from the voting rolls at one time or another. requiring to re-register if you want to vote again

Voting is a responsibility: Yes BUT, a good comparison could be just because you have the right a way doesn’t mean you should go through the intersection without looking if you want to survive to do it again.

As Cindi said “it is also an obligation” which as all obligations should carry a price for carrying out or NOT… The price that I place on the voting obligation is if you didn’t vote you probably don’t have much room to complain about how your elected officials are performing.