John F Myers

Hi Dan. That is an interesting topic of discussion and I love the responses…In my opion, voting is a right and a privilege and a choice. I am a 14 year veteran and hope to retire in 6 more years. I strongly believe that it is everyones choice whether they vote or not. As far as penalties and repercussions? I think they are already in place if you don’t vote. By that I mean, if you do not like a law or proposition or elected official that got passed or elected, then you need to ask yourself, “Did I vote?” If the answer to that question is a flat NO, then you have no right to complain about the issue…They had their chance at the election and they CHOSE not to vote. I think voting is an important part of our democracy and should be exercised by every citizen. But if they choose not to vote, then they have no right to complain about the laws, elected officials or issues. If they want to complain then they need to do something about it and vote…Just my two cents worth.