Melanie Friebel

Hey Daniel,

I think voting is both a priviledge and a responsibility. Case in point, I hold duall citizenship with Canada and America, however am currently living in Canada. With the upcoming election I have been frantically trying to find information on the issues and candidates of my voting district (in Tennessee), which was very difficult – difficult to find impartial or just plain open facts.

A point of contention however, comes because I’ve been gone from TN for four years. Do I still have the right to vote there since:
a) I don’t know the issues, and
b) I’m not affected by them

Having the right to vote is more than just casting your choice for President. It’s a responsibility to the State and County elections as well as Federal. Thus in this case, I did my best to research and learn as much as I could to make a fair decision (at least as best as I could).

However, this experience has made me look into moving my ballot (??) to Washington State which borders me and at least I am more aware of the issues and candidates there.

Any of this make sense??