Kathryn Troutman

Hi! This is my first time to write on govloop! I am pleased to answer your question about Breaking into Government! This is a very typical problem for many “first-timers”.

I think that your problem could be your Federal Resume which is probably posted in USAJOBS now.
Is that resume focused toward ONE occupational series in government?
Does it have the keywords from the announcement DUTIES and SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE SECTION?
Did you include the KSAs in your resume for EACH announcement?
Did you rate yourself very carefully in the Questionnaire?

Since Federal Hiring Reform has NOT simplified the federal application yet, and especially the KSA writing process, now KSAS go in the resume, each resume has to be carefully matched to the announcement.

GOOD NEWS is that you probably can get Best Qualified, if the resume is improved! Please try again with your federal resume. Kathryn Troutman, Author, Ten Steps to a Federal Job, 2nd Ed.